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I’ve finally made it – darling octopus in r•home mag!

March 21, 2011

If you haven’t seen it already, check out this months R•Home magazine and you will find a darling octopus switch plate cover. Yeah!

You can find these guys, in tons of cool fabric options, in my etsy store or at Blue Elephant.



make me pretty – happy yellow chair

March 14, 2011

I am a total sucker for kids furniture. It’s so small and cute and you can paint it crazy fun colors. So this little vintage kids chair totally caught my eye. I decided to paint it bright yellow. Then I used some black and white fabric to make a seat cushion. I just happened to have some buttons the exact same color as the paint (I’m a bit of a craft supply hoarder!) that I sewed onto the cushion. I used a different pattern of the same fabric for the top of the chair.

I know the cushion is a little small but I wanted to see the yellow of the seat around it.

And it’s the perfect size for an almost 3 year old!


make me pretty, umm, i mean handsome!

February 11, 2011

Whenever I show my husband one of my completed furniture pieces he says “Oh, it’s for a girl.” Well, I guess most of them are. I mean, I am a girl – that’s one thing. And I am very inspired by fabric, which I think is mostly designed for girls. Also, lets face it, most guys don’t really care that much about furniture.

But for all of the guys out there who are into design and for all the ladies that just aren’t really into super girly things (which is actually me, too!) this one is for you!

This was a Craigslist find (thanks Jason!) that appears to be a handmade, solid wood table. I liked the simple, clean design with the little curves on the sides to add some interest. I thought this would be the perfect piece for this pretty, graphic, almost hand-drawn fabric I found at Ufab.

Here is the before:

And after:


make me pretty – the 2nd dresser

January 26, 2011

Time for dresser number 2! If you haven’t seen the first re-do you can find it here!

I had two identical dressers and decided to see how different I could make their looks. Here is the before picture:

And my second version of the dresser after:

I painted the dresser cream and attached a fun graphic pattern fabric on the drawers. I completed the look with pretty frosted glass drawer pulls.

And, of course, I had to paint the inside of the drawers a fun color!

So which version do you like better? Let me know in the comments!


make me pretty – the case of the missing remote

December 21, 2010

Things have started to go missing around our house. The TV remote, Jasper’s favorite DVD, video cases. We are blaming it on the two year old and his secret hiding places. But it could very well be his frazzled parents trying to keep up with two kids, work and life.

So I decided we needed a tray for the coffee table to hold the TV remote’s. That way we would always know where they were (in theory at least). I started shopping around but everything I saw was too big or not very cute. Then I remembered some wood trays I had bought on clearance at Ben Franklin last year. Perfect – I would make my own perfect tray.

I started thinking about all the furniture pieces I had made-over. There have been a few that I really fell in love with and had a hard time letting go. Especially this little end table that I painted green and added some really pretty Japanese fabric on the drawer. But if I used the same paint and fabric on my tray it would be like I had a little piece of the table that I got to look at every day!

So here is my finished tray:

Jasper loves the birdies!

Will it keep us from losing any more remotes – probably not, but it sure is cute!


make me pretty – obsessed with distress

November 29, 2010

Vienna, Virginia is a wonderful town. Why? Because they put their trash on the street. Not their regular garbage, but the big stuff for special pick up. Including old furniture!! You can just drive down the street and pick up free furniture!

And although I don’t live in Vienna, I have the next best thing. One of my best friends lives there and rescues cute things and brings them to me. How awesome is that?

So that is how this table began – a special delivery from a good friend. As you can see in this before picture it was in kind of sad shape. I had to peel two layers of wood off the top to get started, but luckily I planned to cover the top with fabric anyway.

So after doing some repairs to the table, I sanded it, painted it, distressed it and then stained it. I painted the table an off white to match one the colors in the fabric. Then after I distressed it I painted it with black stain. I have become kind of obsessed with this technique but I promise to switch things up form my next piece. Anyway, here is the after!


make me pretty – kids chair with the cutest owls ever!

August 30, 2010

U-fab has the cutest kids fabric lately: elephants, dogs, frogs with fiddles and owls! Luckily I have a couple of kids pieces waiting for me so I decided to get the owls and make over this chair for my favorite almost nephew, Everett. I have been best friends with his mom since we were fourteen so I think that makes us honorary sisters and therefore her son, the cutest curly red-head on the planet is part mine!

So here is the before picture:

The owl fabric has lots of pretty fall colors in it – one of which is my favorite color green, so of course I decided to go with that for the paint. Then I covered the seat with the owl fabric. I showed the chair to my husband and he thought it was missing something, so I cut out one little owl and added him to the back of the chair.

So there you go. Corbin, you now have the perfect excuse to come visit me – to pick up Everett’s new owl chair.

And speaking of adorable little men – here is mine in his favorite new costume – wolf superhero!