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make me pretty – another round up

July 30, 2015

I have been working on so much furniture, I haven’t spent much time blogging. So I am posting another round up of all my projects from the last month or so.

    I picked up this desk at an estate sale. I liked it’s petite size and roll top. It was originally white with metallic gold trim.

     Here I am in my new shed workspace.
  I loved the feet on this tv stand, and it already had a nice distressed paint job so I just decoupaged some paper on the doors.
 This is a chair my paint techniques for furniture students collaborated on at Vis Arts.

I have had this coffee table for years – got it at a Monument Avenue yard sale. I finally painted using a dry brush technique.


I rescued this desk from the alley of my old hood (I found Michael Jackson stickers in the drawers!) 





I gave this cabinet a super chippy finish to match it’s age.


I taught another class at the Visual Arts Center and my students painted this chair.

    Emerson bedazzled himself!

  I painted this mid-century dresser, and decoupaged fabric on the one drawer.

 I painted this very pretty, spindly desk.

And I made this cute bird and butterfly “chandelier” from an old lampshade and scrap fabric.


make me pretty – chalk paint desk

November 10, 2014

My husband sweet talked the junk pick up guy out of this desk when they came to get some trash from our house. I painted it old white and then layered some gray and blue and white for the drawers. I happened to get to Hobby Lobby on a 1/2 price hardware day and got my pulls for a steal.







make me pretty – fancy desk

November 28, 2012

It all started with Trading Spaces. Did you ever watch that show, on TLC?

Two neighbors would trade houses for a weekend and redo one room with the help of a designer and a handyman. It was really all about which designer you happened to get – my favorites where Genevieve Gorder and  Laurie Smith. And then there was the “king of country” Frank Bielec. If you happened to get him designing your room, well, you were just screwed.

After Trading Spaces, Laurie Smith came out with a book:

And then a fabric line that was sold at Hancock Fabric:

I bought a couple of yards of this fabric with a master plan of something that I can’t even remember now. But I still really like it and have used it to recover a couple chairs.

I had one of these chairs sitting around that I hadn’t sold and I had a desk that I bought at a yard sale last summer and I decided I should re-do the desk to go with the chair. I didn’t take a before picture of the desk but it was a basic brown. I decided to paint it cream to match the chair and then paint the same design from the fabric onto the desk top. I traced the pattern onto paper and then used a piece of transfer paper to get the design onto the desktop. Then I bought a bunch of tester paints to match the colors in the fabric and got to painting. I always forget how long it takes to hand paint something but man is it tedious! Oh well, it’s done. Thanks for the inspiration Laurie!









make me pretty – girlie desk and chair

June 23, 2010

This poor desk was the victim of a bad makeover. An unfortunate paint job and a few too may drawer pulls. I needed to take it back to a simpler place. I felt like this desk wanted to be a little girlie with all it’s fancy molding. My inspiration came from these amazing drawer pulls I found on clearance at Anthropology. They are made in India and actually open up so you can change the fabric that shows through.

Enough talk. Here is the before:


And after:

Frankie was trying to get in every shot, so I finally let him have his spot as the star of the show!