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make me pretty – basement cabinet dressed up for our living room

January 2, 2014

One of our good friends was getting ready to sell her house and had some furniture to get rid of. This adorable cabinet had been living in her basement storing paint and other home repair supplies. I decided to fix her up and put her in our living room. I made some shelves for the bottom to store toys and the top would be perfect for the pretty, breakable things I am too afraid to leave out around the kids.

I scraped the old paint off the glass doors and gave her a new paint job, inside and out. Then I cut some cardboard panels to fit between the top shelves on the back and covered them with fabric. This way when I get bored, which won’t take more than a couple years, I can pop them out and change the fabric. Or I could cover them with wall paper.








make me pretty – my grandparent’s wardrobe

June 5, 2013

This wardrobe lived in the house my dad grew up in Pennsylvania. When it was time to sell the house and divide up the possessions, I knew this was the piece I wanted.

My house was built in the 20’s, with little built in storage, so this wardrobe would be perfect for my boys room. There was a mirror in each door but one was broken during the move and I decided it would probably be safer to find an alternative since it was going to be in a room with two little boys.

I got two pieces of plywood cut to fit the doors and covered them with some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric. I painted the wardrobe with chalk paint (I so did not feel like sanding and priming this thing!) and did a top coat of wax.

I am in love. I know I am breaking some rule about painting over old family heirloom wood furniture but I don’t care. This new version is so much better!






Here is a picture of the back of the door. I used these little brackets all around the edges to hold the fabric covered plywood in place.



make me pretty – bar cart

January 15, 2013

When I found this crazy, folding up bar cart, at the thrift store I knew I had to re-do it. I loved the shiny brass accents, the trays that came out and the odd little fold up shelves on the sides. But man, oh man, what a pain in the but. I had to take the whole thing apart to be able to  paint it without getting paint on any of the hardware.


I decided to paint the whole thing white. I used Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint – it was developed for trim and doors and has a really hard finish. I wanted the paint on the trays to not get chipped when they are pulled in and out. I cut some fabric for the bottom of each tray and then cut plexi-glass to fit on top. That way, when you get bored, you can pop out the fabric and replace it with different fabric or paper.







I have been admiring a lot of bar carts on Pinterest lately. Here are some of my favorites:






make me pretty – fancy desk

November 28, 2012

It all started with Trading Spaces. Did you ever watch that show, on TLC?

Two neighbors would trade houses for a weekend and redo one room with the help of a designer and a handyman. It was really all about which designer you happened to get – my favorites where Genevieve Gorder and  Laurie Smith. And then there was the “king of country” Frank Bielec. If you happened to get him designing your room, well, you were just screwed.

After Trading Spaces, Laurie Smith came out with a book:

And then a fabric line that was sold at Hancock Fabric:

I bought a couple of yards of this fabric with a master plan of something that I can’t even remember now. But I still really like it and have used it to recover a couple chairs.

I had one of these chairs sitting around that I hadn’t sold and I had a desk that I bought at a yard sale last summer and I decided I should re-do the desk to go with the chair. I didn’t take a before picture of the desk but it was a basic brown. I decided to paint it cream to match the chair and then paint the same design from the fabric onto the desk top. I traced the pattern onto paper and then used a piece of transfer paper to get the design onto the desktop. Then I bought a bunch of tester paints to match the colors in the fabric and got to painting. I always forget how long it takes to hand paint something but man is it tedious! Oh well, it’s done. Thanks for the inspiration Laurie!









make me pretty – 70’s chair take two

October 6, 2012

When I get a set of chairs I know I should re-do them the same and keep them as a set. But that is so boring! So when I re-did this chair match, I bought enough fabric to do the set. Then I stumbled upon another super cute pattern that would work with the  chair too.

So we are going to play the really fun game: which re-do do you like best!

Here is the chair before:

And here is the first re-do:

And the latest re-do:

SometimesWhen 20121006-141636.jpg






So leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!


make me pretty – milk glass lamps

September 12, 2012

A couple weeks ago I was yardsale-ing with a friend when we happened upon a very odd yardsale. It was in someone’s garage and there were lots of old things in boxes that had never been used. Strange things that I would never need, like kerosene heaters and lawn equipment. We were about to give up and move on to the next sale when we were told there was more stuff in the basement. That is where I discovered these two cute little milk glass lamps. I’ll take them. They were screaming for new lampshades! I can’t believed they were every paired with these ugly checkered monstrosities!



So I brought them home, scrubbed them down and bought some new lampshades to re-cover. I had some of this cool forest fabric left over with the Roosevelt desk re-do and decided it would be perfect on my little lamps. Here they are after:





make me pretty – the boys room, part 2

January 31, 2012

I’ve finished the boys room! My favorite project is the rug I made from a thick piece of upholstery fabric. I bought 2 yards of the fabric at u-fab and sewed the edges. I put one of those non-slip rug pads underneath and I’m done. But how cool does that rug look? And it cost less than $25!

I also added a shelf for all of the stuffed animals. My kids don’t really play with their stuffed animals but they still like having them around so we put them up high where we can see them but they don’t make everything seem so cluttered. I got some wood and brackets at Lowe’s. You probably already know this but they will cut the wood for you – so awesome! And Jasper picked out the paint color. Light purple is his favorite and it just happens to match the rug!

After that we hung up our artwork and we are done. We got these Warhol cat prints on a recent trip up to DC. Such fun memories every time I look them.

And the cuties who will be enjoying the room.