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make me pretty – spray paint power

March 23, 2011

I am not very good with spray paint – I get drips and light spots and setting up the drop cloth outside, or in the garage, is just a pain in the butt. Sometimes, though, it is just the right tool for the job. Here are three projects I recently completed that really wanted to be spray painted.

I found these cute plastic vintage frames at the thrift shop. I loved their shape but wasn’t really into the fake wood brown color.

But wouldn’t they be cute painted yellow? Especially against my gray living room walls with some black and white pictures of my cuties!

I want to spray paint everything yellow but I decided to branch out and try a pretty turquoise color on this ornate gold mirror.

After Frankie the Pug gave these bamboo plant pots his approval I spray painted them yellow on the outside and blue on the inside. After adding a couple pretty plants my yard is looking pretty happy!

If you decide to get crazy with the spray paint be patient and do several light coats. Also, wear a mask. That stuff is so stinky, even outside! But once you do one project I guarantee you are going to start looking for more stuff to paint. I could make that yellow, and that yellow, and that yellow!