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make me pretty – geometric chair

March 1, 2013

I taught my “paint finishes and techniques for furniture” class again last weekend at the Visual Arts Center. It is such a fun class to teach. We went over seven different paint techniques for furniture and practiced them on wooden test tiles. I also brought in a chair and we re-did it from start to finish, as a class.

The students had three fabric choices and the class voted on which to use. Then we picked the paint color and the glaze. Everyone took turns sanding and painting and using the electric staple gun to reupholster the seat. I love watching people use power tools for the first time!

I am always surprised how well these chairs turn out, with 8 people deciding the fate of the furniture.

I am teaching the class again in July, if anyone is interested. Go to and search under “three dimensions”.

The chair before:


And after:






make me pretty – mid century modern chair

February 29, 2012

I recently had the chance to re-do this mid-century chair for a friend. She found it at a thrift store and the wood frame is in super good shape. The cushions needed some help. You know I’m not the biggest fan of sewing intensive projects but I do love a dramatic make over so I decided to take this on.

Here is the before:

If you feel intimidated by sewing projects just remember you can take apart the old cushion covers to make patterns for the new ones. Just take lots of pictures of how the cushions look before you take them apart. like this:

And here is the finished chair:

And part of the happy new chair family: