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make me pretty – girly cabinet

September 9, 2013

My husband occasionally picks up a piece of furniture for me. This cabinet he found at a yard sale and it sat in our garage for at least a year because I couldn’t decide what to do with it. Then I stumbled upon some pretty wrapping paper and my problem was solved.

I painted the outside of the cabinet with old white chalk paint and the inside is a pale gray. I decoupaged the front panels of the doors with wrapping paper and painted the hardware to match the new drawer pulls I put on.

I think it was originally a TV cabinet but if you added a hanging rod inside I think it would be perfect in a girls room.







welcome matilda clementine!

April 10, 2013

Two weeks ago we welcomed the newest edition to our family, Matilda Clementine. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby ahead of time and I was 95% sure we were having our third boy. I was seriously shocked when they handed her to me and I saw little girl parts. I finally get to buy sweet baby girl clothes and I am not so outnumbered at home (even our dog is a boy!)

I am already totally in love with Matty. She still spends most of the day sleeping but she is gorgeous and I just want to snuggle her and kiss her fat cheeks!


Matty’s first photo shoot!


I know this isn’t a real smile but look how cute it’s going to be!


My best friends daughter is in love with Matilda (her baby!)


Jasper and Emerson have been so sweet with her. They give her kisses everyday.



make me pretty – butterfly table

February 22, 2011

When I found this cute little table I decided to just paint it and distress it – no fabric! I just thought I should switch things up a little bit. Well I ended up switching things up a lot and doing something really different.

I started by painting the whole table a pale green. I was about to start distressing it when I noticed some uneven parts on the table top. This was going to drive me crazy! I had to sand the table top again and paint it again.

When I finished sanding, the table top was bare wood and the rest of the table was pale green paint. I couldn’t stand the idea of painting the top again. I loved the contrast. But I thought it needed something else – time to bust out the stencils!

So I painted the butterflies on and covered the whole thing with a coat of stain. I don’t know – it’s kind of crazy but I like it. What do you think?