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darling octopus and r•home magazine – the july issue

June 28, 2012

The new R•Home Magazine is out and my how-to article is all about creating a fun space in your backyard. I take an old window and make it into an outdoor chalk board – perfect to entertain your kids on these hot summer days.

Writing this how-to wasn’t much of a stretch outside of my comfort zone. And now I think it’s time for me to admit it. I have a chalk board obsession!

When I started to think about it I realize that with this new chalk board we now have a total of 4 chalk boards at our house. That’s kind of a lot, right? Part of the problem is that I am a list maker and the chalk board really comes in handy and it is great kid entertainment.

Here is our kitchen chalk board – and it gets the most use. We write down things as we run out of them so I remember to pick them up at the store. I recovered the top cork board section with a piece of fabric to make it a little cuter.


This vintage chalk board hangs in the office area of my mom cave. It has a picture for each letter of the alphabet and the “G” had a gun drawing. I found a goat sticker and covered up the gun. I didn’t want to deal with the “What is that a picture of, Mommy?” question.


And you might remember this craft project –  a kids table painted with a chalk board top. I will warn you that once you buy the chalkboard paint you will want to use it on everything.

And one more idea to leave you with. I haven’t made these yet myself but I think these wine glasses look like a fun project. Everyone could write their name on their glass so things don’t get confused. You can get the directions at Vivaciously Vintage.

Photo from Vivaciously Vintage.


make me pretty – kids table and chairs

January 20, 2010

Remember when I was telling you about my new obsession with kids furniture? Well here is another example. I promise my next project will be more adult but I fell in love with the lines of this table and chair set when I spotted it at the Salvation Army. How had someone not scooped this up already? This was a perfect excuse to find some adorable fabric and go crazy.

vintage kids table

I knew exactly where to find the perfect fabric for this piece. I had been drooling over all of the cute things at Umbrella Prints for a while. They make gorgeous hand screen printed fabrics. I chose an elephant print, bought some coordinating paint and got to work.

Here’s how it turned out.

Mode Podge and my Xacto knife are my two best friends. I am starting to feel like we can do anything together!

Do you like the elephants? Let me know what you think! And if you know the perfect little girl or boy for this table set check it out on Etsy.

Frankie was supervising my little photo shoot while soaking up some sun!