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make me pretty – make your own upholstered bench

July 26, 2011

So my little man started crawling a couple weeks ago, two days later he started pulling up and two days after that he was cruising. When Jasper got mobile we put those foam edges all around the coffee table but there were still so many bonks! So this time around I decided to go a step further. I wanted to make an upholstered bench to replace the coffee table.

I happened upon two 75% off outdoor cushions at Target and snatched them up. At $8 a pop, taking them apart and using the foam would be way cheaper than buying foam at the fabric store!

Next, I went to Lowes and found a piece of MDF that was the right width and had them cut the end off so it would be the right length. Then I picked out some legs and the hardware to attach them.

Here are all my supplies – I also needed batting, fabric and a staple gun.


First I attached the leg brackets.


Then I screwed in the legs, painted them (you could also stain them) and put some rubber feet on so it wouldn’t slide on our wood floors.


Each of the cushions had 2 layers of foam – I decided to use three of them, then covered it with batting and then the fabric. If I didn’t have two little boys (and a husband) I probably would have sewn a more tailored cover for my bench, but let’s be realistic here. This fabric will probably last less than six months (I’ve actually already bought a back up yard of fabric to replace this one when it gets too dirty!)


I used my fancy new upholstery stapler to secure all of my layers and then trimmed the extra fabric.


This whole project cost less than $50 bucks and even better, it is going to save us hundreds of head bonks. Plus, it is so nice to prop our feet up on which is all we ever really did with our coffee table anyway!


And Emerson seems to be liking it too!