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make me pretty – glittery glam

December 31, 2011

I have been in a glittery mood lately. It all started with these shoes. I went to the store to buy some black shoes. Sensible, wear them everyday shoes. And I came home with these. I don’t know what came over me. Sparkly is not usually my clothing style. I’m more the black sweater and jeans sort but hey, I could wear these shoes with that kind of outfit!

So I decided I needed to paint something metallic! I have actually been using this little table as my night stand but it was in desperate need of a re-do. The previous owner had primed it but had done kind of a sloppy job. So I sanded it down and re-primed it. I also took off the little wood drawer pulls. Here is the before:

I then took the piece outside and spray painted it with Rustoleum Metallic in Satin Nickel. It was pretty sparkly. A little too sparkly for me. So I put on a coat of antiquing glaze. But I still wanted it to be a little less sparkly – more toned down and aged. So I put on a coat of ebony stain. In this picture you can see the right side just has spray paint and the left side has one layer of antiquing glaze over top.

After I finished all the painting I put in my new drawer pulls. I wanted the inside of the drawers to have a little fun surprise too. So I lined them with some half price after Christmas white and silver metallic wrapping paper. I just used some double sided tape to attach it to the bottom of the drawer so it is easy to switch out if I get bored with it. So here she is after: