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make me pretty – the cubes

June 20, 2013

When one of my neighbors was getting ready to move she gave me these two white cube shaped end tables (Sorry I somehow lost the before picture). I knew I would do something with them but I wasn’t sure what. Every time I looked at them I saw those sharp pointy edges and couldn’t imagine having them in a house with kids. Then one day I was sitting on the front porch when I figured it out. I would use the cubes as bases to build an outdoor bench. Yeah!

So Jasper helped me paint the cubes green and we measured how much wood we would need to make the bench top. I ended up getting a bunch of 1 X 3’s because I didn’t want to have to cut anything. I sanded them, stained them and screwed them on to my cubes. I also added one board across the underneath the middle of the bench to add support. Then I covered the whole bench with an outdoor polyurethane.





This bench has been a great addition to our front porch. We have already entertained friends on it and when the weather is nice we are out on the porch more than we are in the living room!


make me pretty – ikea circa 1984

May 10, 2011

When I stumbled upon these sad chairs in the alley, waiting for the trash truck, I knew I needed to try and give them a new life. When I took off the crumbling seat cushion I discovered an old Ikea sticker. These lovelies must be Ikea circa 1984 – they have hat mid-80’s vibe to them!

Well, first I knew I needed to have new wood cut for the seats and I needed part of it to be a half circle – so I enlisted my dad since he has the proper saw. Then I went over to Quilting Adventures to pick out some laminated cotton fabric. If you haven’t seen this fabric yet it is super cool – like a cross between cotton fabric and oil cloth. It has a protective covering but is still flexible and easy to work with. I chose a pattern by Amy Butler. You can also find this fabric on Etsy.

I spray painted the chairs after tediously sanding away all the rusty bits and put new foam and fabric on my seats and ta-da! like new, cute, outdoor chairs!

Come see these guys, and me, at my open house art party this Saturday! I hope to see you there!