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make me pretty – another round up

July 30, 2015

I have been working on so much furniture, I haven’t spent much time blogging. So I am posting another round up of all my projects from the last month or so.

    I picked up this desk at an estate sale. I liked it’s petite size and roll top. It was originally white with metallic gold trim.

     Here I am in my new shed workspace.
  I loved the feet on this tv stand, and it already had a nice distressed paint job so I just decoupaged some paper on the doors.
 This is a chair my paint techniques for furniture students collaborated on at Vis Arts.

I have had this coffee table for years – got it at a Monument Avenue yard sale. I finally painted using a dry brush technique.


I rescued this desk from the alley of my old hood (I found Michael Jackson stickers in the drawers!) 





I gave this cabinet a super chippy finish to match it’s age.


I taught another class at the Visual Arts Center and my students painted this chair.

    Emerson bedazzled himself!

  I painted this mid-century dresser, and decoupaged fabric on the one drawer.

 I painted this very pretty, spindly desk.

And I made this cute bird and butterfly “chandelier” from an old lampshade and scrap fabric.


make me pretty – bar cart

January 15, 2013

When I found this crazy, folding up bar cart, at the thrift store I knew I had to re-do it. I loved the shiny brass accents, the trays that came out and the odd little fold up shelves on the sides. But man, oh man, what a pain in the but. I had to take the whole thing apart to be able to  paint it without getting paint on any of the hardware.


I decided to paint the whole thing white. I used Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint – it was developed for trim and doors and has a really hard finish. I wanted the paint on the trays to not get chipped when they are pulled in and out. I cut some fabric for the bottom of each tray and then cut plexi-glass to fit on top. That way, when you get bored, you can pop out the fabric and replace it with different fabric or paper.







I have been admiring a lot of bar carts on Pinterest lately. Here are some of my favorites:






make me pretty – fancy desk

November 28, 2012

It all started with Trading Spaces. Did you ever watch that show, on TLC?

Two neighbors would trade houses for a weekend and redo one room with the help of a designer and a handyman. It was really all about which designer you happened to get – my favorites where Genevieve Gorder and  Laurie Smith. And then there was the “king of country” Frank Bielec. If you happened to get him designing your room, well, you were just screwed.

After Trading Spaces, Laurie Smith came out with a book:

And then a fabric line that was sold at Hancock Fabric:

I bought a couple of yards of this fabric with a master plan of something that I can’t even remember now. But I still really like it and have used it to recover a couple chairs.

I had one of these chairs sitting around that I hadn’t sold and I had a desk that I bought at a yard sale last summer and I decided I should re-do the desk to go with the chair. I didn’t take a before picture of the desk but it was a basic brown. I decided to paint it cream to match the chair and then paint the same design from the fabric onto the desk top. I traced the pattern onto paper and then used a piece of transfer paper to get the design onto the desktop. Then I bought a bunch of tester paints to match the colors in the fabric and got to painting. I always forget how long it takes to hand paint something but man is it tedious! Oh well, it’s done. Thanks for the inspiration Laurie!









darling octopus and r•home magazine – the september issue

September 5, 2012

In the new R•Home magazine my DIY article is all about using an overhead projector to paint an image onto a piece of furniture. This is a really fun technique because you can take an image from anywhere – a favorite fabric, a drawing, wallpaper, or an illustration.

For more details about the project read the article online here.

Here are some other projector projects that I found online that might inspire you!






make me pretty – my battle with veneer

August 1, 2012

When I walked past this table at the thrift store I did a double take. It is such a cool shape!
What is it doing at the thrift store? A closer inspection revealed the truth. There was a chunk of the wood veneer missing from the top. Should I get it or keep walking. Well I got it but maybe I should have kept walking. What I have learned from working on this table is don’t buy anything with chipped veneer unless you really, really love it and are willing to work really hard to fix it.


The original chip was only a couple inches wide but a lot of the veneer around the missing piece was not attached to the table anymore so I had to chip that away too. I read that you could cut out a wood veneer chip, making it a perfect rectangle and then put a new piece of veneer in. Sounds reasonable but I could not get my circle into a rectangle.

So I decided to try and take the easy way out. I would sound down my missing chunk and then paint over it. I super sanded it and it looked great. It even looked good when I primed it. But as soon as I put on the paint you could see the circle. Darn it!

Ok, time to get serious. I would just have to remove the whole layer of veneer from the top. I did some research online and found the winning combination – damp towel and iron followed by lots of scraping. Apparently, the older your piece the easier it is to remove the veneer. Old glue it easier to remove than new. My table had sections that came off really easily and some that were really hard to get off. I definitely got some new arm muscles in the process.


After I removed all the veneer I sanded away all the glue and filled all the holes and cracks with wood filler. Then I primed and painted the top again. But she is so pretty now. Possibly worth all the work that went into it!





You can see this table for your self at my space at the West End Antiques Mall!


make me pretty – turquoise & red, a lovely color combo

June 26, 2011


I found this strange mini dresser? large jewelry chest? at a yard sale and thought it would be fun to paint. I thought it was missing a knob but was happily to find it in one of the drawers when I got home. But unhappily I found that one of the drawers was missing the back wood piece. So I had to cut and attach a new wood piece before I got started with the fun part – sanding and painting.

I have been wanting to paint something with a turquoise, white and red color combo. The colors of this dresser inspired me (find the tutorial for it here if you are into it!)

photo from design sponge

So I painted my piece turquoise – I got some of those little paint sample jars at Home Depot. They are totally big enough for a small project so save yourself some money! Then I used a stencil from Lotta Jansdotter to add some red flowers. If you don’t know Lotta you should check her out – I love her style!

Finally, here is my after: