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make me pretty – kitchen looking like a kitchen again

April 10, 2015

Our kitchen is starting to come together and I am so excited. This will be the last post before the big reveal but I wanted to show you that we now have walls and a ceiling:

photo 3C photo 4C

photo 2C

And a floor with radiant heat underneath:

photo 1B photo 1D

photo 3D photo 3B

photo 1E

We Even have cabinets!


We have gotten lots of things in giant boxes:

photo 2

And we have had the giant dumpsters of trash taken away:

photo 1C

We have drank lots of the delicious beer our contractor brews:

photo 5C

We got a sparkly countertop delivered:

photo 1G

And sealed butcher block:

photo 5G

It has been a bit of a marathon but we are almost done! Really, the dishwasher and cooktop are going in today! I still need to show you the custom island and my zinc covered countertop DIY but enough sneak peaks for today. We are all exhausted, especially our awesome contractor.

And this is what Ollie thinks about it all:

photo 2H


make a pillow – insert your pet here

April 17, 2014

I write a bi-monthly DIY column for R•Home magazine and one of my projects was making a dog shaped, photo pillow of my pug Frankie. You can read the article here with all of the instructions.

Photo from R•Home Magazine

Photo from R•Home Magazine


















I thought the pillows ended up being pretty cute and I know there are many other Pug obsessed people out there, so I decided to try selling them at Orange in Carytown. People scooped them up so I put them on Etsy. Then I started offering custom pillows – I could make pillows of other peoples pets too. Here is the latest one:

photo 1








photo 2












How cute is that! I have so much fun making pillows of people’s pets for them. I have done a bunch of pugs, mutts, and even a couple cats.

I also started doing kid pillows. I made a pillows of my kids for Christmas presents and they got such a kick out of them. And talk about a perfect grandparent present!



darling octopus and r•home magazine – pug pillows

June 28, 2013

This last R•Home  article was maybe my favorite one so far. Ollie, my pug, got his 15 minute of fame! And I love how his pillow likeness turned out. The pillow are freakishly realistic and surprised me more than once as I walked by and caught the pug pillow in the corner of my eye.




I hope that some of you will make pillow likenesses of your pet and I would love to see pictures of them!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about some of my favorite pug things.

1. Pug Rescue. We got Ollie from pug rescue and it was a match made in heaven. Everyone we worked with at Pug Rescue was so nice and they really try to match up the right dog with the right family.

2. Richmond Pug MeetUp. Once a month the pugs of RVA descend on Barker Field for a playdate. If you have never witnessed thirty or so pugs frolicking together I can’t recommend it enough. It is impossible to be in a bad mood at a pug meet up!

3. Not Now, Ollie. I did not know about this book until a reader wrote in but not only is there another Ollie the pug but there is a kids book about him. I can’t wait to read it!


My Ollie the pug pillows will be for sale at Orange in Carytown. Go get an Ollie of your own!


Ollie thinks all this attention is exhausting.


darling octopus and r•home magazine – march issue

March 6, 2012

Pick up this months R•Home magazine and you will see one of my chair re-do’s step by step. I give you all of my secrets!

Everything looks so pretty in the magazine but it’s not all so glamorous behind the scenes. The photographer had a special assistant at this photo shoot – frankie!

That’s right, not only did he have to worry about lighting and composition, he also had to work around this snorting, snaggle tooth pug who thought he should be in every picture. Or we should at least stop everything and rub his belly!

The other two guys around my house who are always trying to get in on the action are Jasper and Emerson. Here they are posing with the chair before her big makeover:

One more thing that I wanted to tell you is that this chair is not alone! I have three more just like her and a dining table that are all going to get the same treatment and become a set. If you are going to paint your furniture the pieces don’t need to match perfectly. The table I have is not originally part of the set with the chairs but once it is all painted the same I doubt you will be able to tell.


whats next – all the things to be made pretty!

May 23, 2011

I have so many things in my head that I want to work on it is making me kind of crazy! I go into the fabric store to get supplies for a chair re-do and I come out with fabric to recover my own dinning room chairs. So I wanted to make a list of some of the things coming up. And I wanted to give you a heads up that there will be more posts about things changing in my house because I need to devote some time to how things are looking around here.

So here is your sneak peak into my brain and all the projects brewing in there!

There are always some furniture re-dos. Like this crazy chest/jewelry box/dresser that I picked up at a yard sale recently. I’m not really sure what this thing is trying to be but I know I can make it cuter!

Another yard sale find, I need to get this guy re-wired and add strands of wood beads. I know it might sound weird but it is going to turn out cute, trust me.

I think I am going to try a new technique, thanks martha, for this chair.

And at my house I plan on recovering this lampshade.

Re-organizing the home office. I can’t even really believe I am showing you this picture it such a disaster but everyone has a neglected corner of their house, right? This job will include a re-do of the bookcase and a super cool new cork board.

Finding time for this one is kind of tricky, if only my kids would nap at the same time, but I really need to paint the upstairs hallway. I repainted the living room gray (from yellow) but didn’t make it up the stairs. What color will it be? Check back to see!

Here is some of the fabric I will be using on my own home improvement projects.

And you will probably be seeing more of this guy!

And this guy.

And maybe even some of this guy. PS – This chair will be my next before and after post. It’s almost finished!

So please let me know what you think. Are you happy to be seeing more of my house or should I just stick to the before and after furniture projects?


make me pretty – tiny foot rest

February 3, 2011

Here is a super fast re-do of a $2 foot stool I found at Family Thrift Center. I wanted to lighten up the dark brown wood and add some pretty fabric! Here is the before:

And after:

And a super cute pug snuggle!