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what is art?

June 9, 2011

What do you consider to be art? I struggle with this question all the time. I consider my furniture creations art but to someone else, it might just be used furniture. Can functional things be art? In college, when I took ceramic classes, they were listed under “crafts” in the course listings. Was that because we were making functional pieces, or because of the medium?

When it comes to art for my home, I try to think outside of the box. I love fine art but most of it is not really in my budget, so I try to get creative.

One of my favorite tricks is plates. I snagged these cutie mini’s on clearance at
Anthropologie. It is super easy to fasten hangers on the back with some gorilla glue.

The total for this new “art” was about $12.

Another favorite place to try and find unique things for my house is the salvage yard. There are so many cool treasures there!

I found this old piece of iron work at S.B. Cox Salvage yard, here in Richmond. When I brought it up to the front to ask the price I think they thought I was crazy but it looks great in my dining room, and cost less than $5!

So, if you ever have read my blog before you will know that I am kind of obsessed with fabric! So why not use some beautiful fabric as art in your home? The best part about this idea is it’s really easy to swap out when you get bored.

I found this cute piece of vintage kids fabric stretched over a frame at the thrift store for $5. I had it in my studio space for years but was starting to get tired of it. So I moved it up to the living room, bought a yard of cool font fabric I have been yearning for and stapled it over the frame. I left the animal fabric under it just in case I ever want to use it again.

When I showed it to my husband he said “cool. let’s change it up every couple months.” Great idea (and another excuse to buy cool fabric, yes!)

If you can’t find a used canvas frame you can always buy a new one at a craft store – but they are pretty expensive. Another trick: go to the thrift store and find a cheap wood frame. I got this one for $4.

Just remove the art work, recycle the glass and staple the fabric around the frame. I bought a yard of solar system fabric for my little man and stapled it around this frame – new art for his room for less than $15!

So those are some of my favorite non-traditional “art” ideas for you. Do you have any for me? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


salvage yard heaven

January 27, 2010

Last weekend I got to go to one of my favorite places – the salvage yard. It’s got all of the things I love: 1. old things 2. piles of stuff i have to sift through to find the treasure 3. tons of inspiration. From the moment I heard of this salvage yard in Mechanicsville I was re-arranging my schedule to make a trip out there. Luckily, my friend @meghan_e was up for the adventure!

Governor’s Antiques did not disappoint. I was expecting the old front doors, and metal railings, and piles of claw-foot tubs. I had no idea there would be an indoor warehouse with case after case of beautiful, and sparkling things that I wanted to take home with me.

Governor’s has over 20,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles and over 1,000,000 items for sale. It is all a little overwhelming!

Good thing Jasper didn’t come with me. He would have gone nuts for all the old toys – trains, cars, trucks and planes – his favorites!

These stools where my absolute favorite thing I saw that day. That color green with the wood and the shape is so cool. I couldn’t even bring myself to ask how much they cost – I wanted them all so bad!

I want to label everything in my house with a brass plaque now!

@meghan_e fell in love with this chandelier. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It was a huge orb of glitter and color!

My one complaint with Governor’s was the prices – holy cow! You know I’m a bargain hunter and there are no deals here. But not only that – the prices are really high. The only thing I can imagine is that they price everything so high because they know you are going to try and talk them down. It was worth the trip – very inspiring, but if I’m going to shop I am going to go to S.B. Cox. Ya, it’s not very organized. You have to dig through stuff and you might get a little dusty but their prices are fair and I’ve had negotiations end there with a coin toss – which is fun!