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make me pretty – geometric chair

March 1, 2013

I taught my “paint finishes and techniques for furniture” class again last weekend at the Visual Arts Center. It is such a fun class to teach. We went over seven different paint techniques for furniture and practiced them on wooden test tiles. I also brought in a chair and we re-did it from start to finish, as a class.

The students had three fabric choices and the class voted on which to use. Then we picked the paint color and the glaze. Everyone took turns sanding and painting and using the electric staple gun to reupholster the seat. I love watching people use power tools for the first time!

I am always surprised how well these chairs turn out, with 8 people deciding the fate of the furniture.

I am teaching the class again in July, if anyone is interested. Go to and search under “three dimensions”.

The chair before:


And after:






make me pretty – 70’s chair take two

October 6, 2012

When I get a set of chairs I know I should re-do them the same and keep them as a set. But that is so boring! So when I re-did this chair match, I bought enough fabric to do the set. Then I stumbled upon another super cute pattern that would work with the  chair too.

So we are going to play the really fun game: which re-do do you like best!

Here is the chair before:

And here is the first re-do:

And the latest re-do:

SometimesWhen 20121006-141636.jpg






So leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!


make me pretty – 70s chair made modern

June 20, 2012

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I like Vienna, VA. It’s not just because my best friend lives there – it’s also because they put their big trash on the street, in front of their houses, to be picked up. Hello drive by free furniture pick up! I love it. Thank you Corbin, for scoring these awesome 70’s chairs for me! There are four but I have only re-done the first one. How much are you loving this crazy green shaggy fabric?


And after. I found this amazing fabric at ufab. I thought it was the perfect mix of vintage and modern – an updated 70’s leaf motif.