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make me pretty – so shabby chic!

May 14, 2013

My husband use to have a food blog and every once in a while he would get free stuff. An extra dish at dinner, a product sample sent in the mail. What was my blog getting me? Well, it did help me get some writing gigs. But I also got a coffee table. One of my lovely readers gave me a coffee table.


I left it in my garage for a long time because it had a leather top and I wasn’t really sure how to work with that. The answer: chalk paint. The miracle paint can cover almost any kind of surface – wood, plastic and leather!

I decided that with all the flower carvings I should just embrace the girlieness and go 100% shabby chic which I believe usually includes cream paint, distressing and flowers! Check, check, check.







make me pretty – the chair my class made

September 19, 2012

Last weekend I taught my paint techniques workshop at the Visual Arts Center. Not only do we go over seven different paint techniques for furniture but we also re-do one piece of furniture as a class. I bring in a chair, fabric choices, and we choose a paint color, wether or not to distress, and what type of glaze or antiquing to do. This is a lot of decisions to make by group vote and there were ten people in the class this time. There is so much potential for this experiment to go terribly wrong but somehow it always works out.

So here is the chair I brought in for my class, it was $4 at a yard sale in my neighborhood.

And the chair after. I think my class did an excellent job. I hope they had a good time – I know I did!








make me pretty – old school corner shelf

April 20, 2011

I love to barter. I’ll trade you this for that! I always feel like it is such a win – win situation. And that is how I scored this awesome corner shelf. I traded some graphic design work for this beauty, thanks Art!

I had it in my head that this shelf wanted to be blue – kind of a baby blue. Then I distressed it and stained it with an ebony stain to age it. And here is the after:






make me pretty – a curvy little chair

April 7, 2011

This is one of my favorite chairs I have re-done. I can’t believed I stumbled upon this curvy beauty at the thrift store. It was on the top shelf, and I had the baby strapped to me, but I had to have it! The thrift store employees were nice enough to not only get it down for me but also walk it to my car and wedge it in the front seat! People are so nice when you have a baby with you!

Anyway, I am not a huge fan of dark wood (have you noticed that yet?) So I decided to lighten it up with my favorite cream paint and a beautiful blue fabric that feels sort of Asian-y to me.

Here is the before:

And after:

This is one of those projects that I have to seriously consider keeping but I bet you will see it turn up for sale somewhere soon!


make me pretty – butterfly table

February 22, 2011

When I found this cute little table I decided to just paint it and distress it – no fabric! I just thought I should switch things up a little bit. Well I ended up switching things up a lot and doing something really different.

I started by painting the whole table a pale green. I was about to start distressing it when I noticed some uneven parts on the table top. This was going to drive me crazy! I had to sand the table top again and paint it again.

When I finished sanding, the table top was bare wood and the rest of the table was pale green paint. I couldn’t stand the idea of painting the top again. I loved the contrast. But I thought it needed something else – time to bust out the stencils!

So I painted the butterflies on and covered the whole thing with a coat of stain. I don’t know – it’s kind of crazy but I like it. What do you think?


make me pretty – chair set

November 8, 2010

I am very lucky that my husband is super supportive of my hobby obsession business. He is always looking out for me – handing out my business cards, watching the kids so I can get some work done and sitting in the car while I stop by every yard sale we happen to drive past. He even picked up these chairs for me – he spotted them at a yard sale when I was out of town and thought I might like them.

First I would needed to lighten them up – they look almost medieval! But with all of the intricate details they are begging to be distressed. There was some fabric I had been craving for months – here was the perfect excuse to buy it!

I painted the chairs a light mustard color then distressed them and covered them with a coat of brown stain which makes them almost look glazed and adds a real depth to the paint.

And I have to show you this picture of my new cutie, Emerson Riley, with his eyes open! love!