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unique holiday shopping

December 15, 2011

Holy crap, Christmas is like 10 days away. How does time go by so quickly? If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping and you are looking for some unique alternatives, I have some suggestions. You can find Darling Octopus goods at both – small stuff at Bizarre Market and lots of furniture at Virginia Street Gallery. Happy shopping!

Bizarre Market – located in the upstairs gallery at Chop Suey Books in Carytown, this little seasonal shop is a must see. Over 50 local artist selling their small stuff. I count on Bizarre Market for all of my stocking stuffers and really special, unique gifts.

Virginia Street Gallery – Part of the Market Umbrella, and a bit of an extension of the South of the James farmers market, this large gallery space features a wide range of artisans. Everything from dulce de leche cookies, to paintings, to pottery to furniture. Quirk gallery also has a little space there filled with cute goodies. Visit this gallery at 114 Virginia Street, Richmond VA 23219. Their hours are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: 11am – 8 pm and Sundays 11am – 5pm. And Fridays from 5 – 8 pm you can shop with a glass of wine and live music. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Places you should shop – Vintage Jo

September 8, 2011

You probably wouldn’t be able to imagine all the treasures waiting for you looking at the outside of Vintage Jo. This super cute little log cabin houses tons of vintage furniture, vintage signs and advertising, as well as original art work from many local artists (myself included!)

You should go check them out. They are located at 5420 Mechanicsville TPKE, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday from 12 pm – 5 pm.

You can also find out more about them on their Facebook page.

*All photos were taken by Vintage Jo.


wanted: the ugliest furniture out there

June 10, 2010

The way I shop for furniture is a little different than most people. I love to find the piece that no one sees the beauty in any more. Things that are so old and beat up that at first glance there seems to be no potential.

I live for before and afters – the more dramatic the better. Starting out with something truly ugly only adds to the effect.

So I find myself at lots of thrift stores and yard sales, and of course Richmond’s great provider – the alleys! This recent Salvation Army find is the perfect illustration of what I am talking about.

The first thing I look for is ugly fabric. I am no upholstery genius, although I would like to be, but this kind of chair is super easy to change the fabric on. Seriously, you need a screw driver and a staple gun – that’s it!

Not only is this fabric super ugly but the chair also has a ripped up plastic seat cover dangling from the edges – nice!

The second thing I look for is a bad stain or paint job. A lot of these old pieces have seen a re-do or two and it doesn’t always turn out pretty. I am just going to sand and paint it anyway so it doesn’t scare me.

Dripping stain and chipped varnish are my friends. They mean that everyone else walked past this chair without looking twice leaving it for me to scoop up!

The third thing I look at is the price. I want it cheap! If I am going to put a lot of time and effort (not to mention paint, fabric and supplies) into making these pieces pretty I want to start out with a small investment.

The most important thing to look for is that the piece of furniture you are interested in is built well. If it needs to be fixed do you think you can handle it? If not, just keep on walking because no matter how cute it is it will just end up sitting in your garage or basement. It also help if the piece has good lines and some interesting details.

The funny things is that the pieces I am drawn to were once really nice. You can tell, if you look past all the abuse, that this chair once sat proudly in someones dining room a long, long time ago. Hopefully I will be able to turn these old furniture pieces into the kind of treasures that people will love again!


bye bye old friend

April 21, 2010

It’s been almost a year now since I started this blog and decided to try and take my furniture re-inventing obsession and turn it into a bigger part of my life. To share my adventures with the world and try to make a little money too! Well, my first chair re-do has just sold and it is making me feel a little nostalgic. I dragged this chair to countless craft shows and had grown kind of attached. The chair my mother couldn’t believe I painted blue! What was I thinking? Well it turns out there is someone else out theres who shares my taste.

Actually more than one. The lovely ladies from Covet actually sold my old friend for me. Covet is the first store to feature my work and I am in really good company. They feature local and national artists and these ladies have good taste! If you find yourself in Northern VA you need to go shopping! Their store is in Arlington, at 5140b wilson blvd. Check out the gorgeous pictures below.

Photo from Covet.

Photo from Covet. (That's my chair and my table!)

Photo from Covet.

Photo from Covet.

If you want to learn more check out their Facebook page. And thanks Sabrina, for finding me and bringing my work into your beautiful store!


It’s a lot easier to say goodbye to one of my favorite chairs now that I found out that Jody  from jody m. photography is the new owner. Her photos are so beautiful – check out the one below. My chair is in the photo but her adorable daughter steals the show! Check out her blog – you will be inspired!

Thanks Jody!


salvage yard heaven

January 27, 2010

Last weekend I got to go to one of my favorite places – the salvage yard. It’s got all of the things I love: 1. old things 2. piles of stuff i have to sift through to find the treasure 3. tons of inspiration. From the moment I heard of this salvage yard in Mechanicsville I was re-arranging my schedule to make a trip out there. Luckily, my friend @meghan_e was up for the adventure!

Governor’s Antiques did not disappoint. I was expecting the old front doors, and metal railings, and piles of claw-foot tubs. I had no idea there would be an indoor warehouse with case after case of beautiful, and sparkling things that I wanted to take home with me.

Governor’s has over 20,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles and over 1,000,000 items for sale. It is all a little overwhelming!

Good thing Jasper didn’t come with me. He would have gone nuts for all the old toys – trains, cars, trucks and planes – his favorites!

These stools where my absolute favorite thing I saw that day. That color green with the wood and the shape is so cool. I couldn’t even bring myself to ask how much they cost – I wanted them all so bad!

I want to label everything in my house with a brass plaque now!

@meghan_e fell in love with this chandelier. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It was a huge orb of glitter and color!

My one complaint with Governor’s was the prices – holy cow! You know I’m a bargain hunter and there are no deals here. But not only that – the prices are really high. The only thing I can imagine is that they price everything so high because they know you are going to try and talk them down. It was worth the trip – very inspiring, but if I’m going to shop I am going to go to S.B. Cox. Ya, it’s not very organized. You have to dig through stuff and you might get a little dusty but their prices are fair and I’ve had negotiations end there with a coin toss – which is fun!