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make me pretty round up

June 3, 2015

So May was my first month at RVA Antiques and I have been painting like a mad woman. I have been burning through the stocked up furniture projects and haven’t had any time to blog about it. So I decided to do a big before and after post of all my projects from the last month.

I also want to tell you, if you live in RVA, you need to go to RVA Antiques. It is seriously cute, filled with cool vintage, antiques and hand made stuff. And the prices are very affordable. If you go out on a Saturday you can hit the Lakeside farmers market, too – just across the parking lot!

And this Saturday would be the day to go because RVA Antiques is having their first Vintage Market!

Now for the furniture!


I don’t have a before for this chair but I love this anchor fabric!






I did both these dressers with Miss Mustard seed Boxwood Milk Paint, possibly my favorite color paint ever!


IMG_7921.JPGOnce again, no before, but I picked up this old mirror frame at a yard sale, painted it and turned it into a chalk board.







IMG_8188.JPGAnd then we went to the beach!



IMG_8246.JPGThen back to work with this beach inspired serving cart! IMG_8169.JPG

IMG_8221.JPGIMG_8506.JPGAnd I loved this yard sale find basically just as it was, with all it’s chippy pink paint. I just did some sanding, painted some stripes on the top and sealed it all up with some poly.

So come check out my space at RVA Antiques (and all the other awesome stuff they have there!) My booth is a work in progress – I just switched to a bigger space and don’t really have any walls yet but it’s getting there!


IMG_8510.JPGIMG_8516 IMG_8518


make me pretty – chalk paint desk

November 10, 2014

My husband sweet talked the junk pick up guy out of this desk when they came to get some trash from our house. I painted it old white and then layered some gray and blue and white for the drawers. I happened to get to Hobby Lobby on a 1/2 price hardware day and got my pulls for a steal.







darling octopus & r•home magazine

December 23, 2011

Go out and get the January issue of R•Home magazine! There you can read my article about shopping for vintage furniture and home decor in RVA. There are lots of useful hints and a resource list of some of my favorite shopping spots.

I thought it might be fun to elaborate on some of my ideas in the magazine. I found this armoire at the Salvation Army on Midlothian Turnpike but you know you see one of these at every thrift store and yard sale you go to. Flat screen TV’s are making them an obsolete piece of furniture but you could always re-purpose them.


Turn it into a cute home office and just close the doors when you’re done working.

photo from

Or check out this adorable kids art center!

image from

I thought this dresser was almost perfect. I love the shape and the color I would just add some new hardware to make it look a little more modern.


My favorite source for cool drawer pulls is Anthropologie. I regularly shop their clearance section – there you will find pulls for as little as $3 each! Below are two picks that I think would look awesome!

photo from anthropologie

photo from anthropologie

I am the queen of the chair re-do. I know I have re-done more chairs than any other piece of furniture. It is hard for me to pass up a chair with good bones because it is usually pretty easy to give it a new look.


Here are some of my past chair projects that might inspire you.

Victorian Chair

Kid Friendly Laminated Cotton Chair

Curvy Chair

Next issue, I will be showing you how to re-do a chair, step by step, with very detailed directions! Yeah R•Home – Yeah DIY!

PS – You can read my first R•Home article, all about shopping for vintage furniture, online now!


make me pretty – crazy victorian chair

October 7, 2011

I was walking through this crazy labyrinth of an estate sale and stumbled across this chair. It has a strange shape but I kind of love it. I didn’t actually try sitting in it until I got it home. This chair is super uncomfortable – the back feels like a rock!

And the whole thing is dark and depressing. I have to bust out the cream paint!

So when I started to take the chair apart I found this crazy hay bale cushion. WTF? Someone had reupholstered this chair recently and they left this in? It had to come out!

I pulled out all of the hay and put in new webbing. Then I put in a piece of soft, comfy foam and covered that with batting. I put a layer of batting on the back too.

Then I covered the seat and chair back with this gorgeous fabric I found at u-fab. It reminds me of watercolors and adds the touch of modern that I think this old chair needs. I made my own trim and decided to double it up on top but only do one layer on the bottom.

Here she is:


make me pretty – to be continued

June 6, 2011

I have fallen in love with this coat rack I saw over at The Sweet Survival. Chevrons + orange + funky hooks = super cute!

So when I found this old beat up coat rack in the alley today I thought it would be perfect to experiment on! I haven’t decided if I am going to use paint or fabric but check back later this week to see how it turns out!





make me pretty – obsessed with distress

November 29, 2010

Vienna, Virginia is a wonderful town. Why? Because they put their trash on the street. Not their regular garbage, but the big stuff for special pick up. Including old furniture!! You can just drive down the street and pick up free furniture!

And although I don’t live in Vienna, I have the next best thing. One of my best friends lives there and rescues cute things and brings them to me. How awesome is that?

So that is how this table began – a special delivery from a good friend. As you can see in this before picture it was in kind of sad shape. I had to peel two layers of wood off the top to get started, but luckily I planned to cover the top with fabric anyway.

So after doing some repairs to the table, I sanded it, painted it, distressed it and then stained it. I painted the table an off white to match one the colors in the fabric. Then after I distressed it I painted it with black stain. I have become kind of obsessed with this technique but I promise to switch things up form my next piece. Anyway, here is the after!


my upcycling adventure in belle magazine

April 5, 2010

Check out this months Belle Magazine, page 7, to read about my thrift shop adventures and see one of chair re-do’s. The article also includes a list of my favorite  2nd hand stores and fabric shops. You can pick up Belle for free in boxes around the city or view it online.


make me pretty – a new years worth of projects

January 3, 2010

Oh my goodness. I have so much work to do. I have been accumulating furniture at a frightening pace and haven’t worked on anything in almost a month. I thought I would give myself a little break for the holidays but now it is time to get to work. I thought you might like a little preview of all my upcoming projects.

Here we go:

vintage kids table

This is the my next project. I love the lines of this 60s/70s kids table and chairs. I have this one all planned out already. I’ll give you a hint – it involves elephants!

black cabinet

This was an alley find. Thanks neighbors for throwing away cool stuff!

curvy end table

coffee table

I know you can barely see this coffee table through all the crap in my garage but it is pretty cute. Found it at a yard sale this past summer for $10. This one has me stumped. I just can’t figure out what I want to do with it.


I think I will work on this one after the kids table. You can’t really see it but this desk has some great carved details. My awesome neighbor Bill put in new drawer slides for me. This one is going to be really nice when it is done.

oval table

Frankie wanted to make sure he made it into this post! This cool table was part of a trade. I love the metal base. Anyone have any idea what kind of wood that is?

red table

Another yard sale find. I plan on changing the paint color and putting fabric on the top – similar to the gray table with the Amy Butler Green and Gray flower fabric I did last year.

This one’s not really talking to me yet either. Oh well, I have plenty to keep me busy until I figure it out!

kids rocking chair

Another Frankie appearance! I showed this rocking chair to my mother-in-law and she said she would never have looked twice at it in the thrift store. This is where you have to use your imagination. I know it is really ugly but imagine it painted a cool color with new cushions in some hip, flowery fabric. It would be adorable in a little girls room!

white table with drawer

Alley find! A neighbor of mine, with really good taste, filled the alley with beautiful things on Thanksgiving day and I literally filled up my car. She was moving – I got lucky. This is one of the tables I scored for free!!

white table

dinning set

Last but not least. A very, very nice twitter friend gave me this dinning room set. It includes four of these chairs, two chairs with arms, and a table with two inserts. This is going to take forever but I am going to make it awesome. I need to refinish the wood and I want to find the perfect fabric because what is on there now is not doing these gorgeous Danish modern chairs justice!