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make me pretty round up

June 3, 2015

So May was my first month at RVA Antiques and I have been painting like a mad woman. I have been burning through the stocked up furniture projects and haven’t had any time to blog about it. So I decided to do a big before and after post of all my projects from the last month.

I also want to tell you, if you live in RVA, you need to go to RVA Antiques. It is seriously cute, filled with cool vintage, antiques and hand made stuff. And the prices are very affordable. If you go out on a Saturday you can hit the Lakeside farmers market, too – just across the parking lot!

And this Saturday would be the day to go because RVA Antiques is having their first Vintage Market!

Now for the furniture!


I don’t have a before for this chair but I love this anchor fabric!






I did both these dressers with Miss Mustard seed Boxwood Milk Paint, possibly my favorite color paint ever!


IMG_7921.JPGOnce again, no before, but I picked up this old mirror frame at a yard sale, painted it and turned it into a chalk board.







IMG_8188.JPGAnd then we went to the beach!



IMG_8246.JPGThen back to work with this beach inspired serving cart! IMG_8169.JPG

IMG_8221.JPGIMG_8506.JPGAnd I loved this yard sale find basically just as it was, with all it’s chippy pink paint. I just did some sanding, painted some stripes on the top and sealed it all up with some poly.

So come check out my space at RVA Antiques (and all the other awesome stuff they have there!) My booth is a work in progress – I just switched to a bigger space and don’t really have any walls yet but it’s getting there!


IMG_8510.JPGIMG_8516 IMG_8518


make me pretty – the big kitchen reveal

May 21, 2015

The kitchen is done! It has been done for a couple of weeks but I have been getting everything moved back in, putting on drawer pulls and assembling chairs and stools.

I still haven’t finished the island. It still needs some trim around the bottom and an antiquing glaze over the green paint – but we are almost there!

Just so you can recall how bad it was before:



And now the beautiful afters!

IMG_8110 IMG_8109 IMG_8107 IMG_8106 IMG_8103 IMG_8126 IMG_8123 IMG_8121 IMG_8119 IMG_8128 IMG_8134 IMG_8133 IMG_8132 IMG_8130 IMG_8144 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8138 IMG_8137 IMG_8145 IMG_8150 IMG_8148 IMG_8147 IMG_8146


make me pretty – my kitchen is a big black hole!

February 25, 2015

When we bought our new house one of the things we liked about it most was the potential of the kitchen. The kitchen itself was very small but connected to it was a strange den like space and amazing breakfast nook full of windows. We wanted to combine these three space into one big, wonderful kitchen.

We had pulled up really gross carpet when we moved in and found old cork tiles covered in black tar adhesive. We had them tested for asbestos and it the test came back negative, so we have just been living with them till we could start the renovation. I also pulled down some faux grass cloth wallpaper. I can imagine that this place was pretty styling in the 60s!






It was decided that we would have to pull up the floor to see what was causing it to be so unlevel. Then it was decided that we should take down the plaster walls to put in new electrical and why not take out the ceiling while we are at it. So right now our kitchen in a big black hole. I know it will all get put back together and be wonderful but this part is pretty scary.



IMG_7383.JPGOne good thing about this renovation is we figured out where our hot water heater is! They put it in the corner of the kitchen cabinets under the countertop! So we bought a bigger one and moved it to the mud room.

I know these pictures of destruction are not very exciting so I will leave you with this beauty! We are going to be combining some vintage pieces with new cabinets. I found this beast of a pantry at Class and Trash. I working on fixing her up with a new “old” paint job and new hardware. Can’t wait to show you the after!


And if you are in RVA and looking for a contractor, I can’t recommend ours enough – RVA Fixer! He showed up for the first day of demo in 9″ of snow! He seems to really love his work and is enthusiastic about all of my crazy ideas. Plus he has plenty of good ideas of his own. If you are into design and don’t want something cookie cutter, Russell is your man!


make me pretty – typewriter table

February 20, 2013

This typewriter table was another Vienna, side of the road rescue, from my friend Corbin. Her husband almost claimed it as his own but Corbin rescued it again and it made its way down to richmond.


I took off the desk top and spray painted the legs a dark red. Then I painted the wood table top with chalk paint and added the number 24. I distressed it, waxed it and put it all back together. Don’t ask me what the number 24 means, I just wanted to add some vintage numbers.







make me pretty – vintage mirror

February 23, 2012

I stumbled across this pretty mirror at the thrift store and couldn’t believe it was only $12! It was so coming home with me! Some misguided person had painted it with horrible thick, gloppy, high gloss beige paint and then added even worse blue and green highlight colors. This was not a job for sandpaper alone. I had to bust out stripper. I scraped and I brushed with a wire brush and then I decided to just leave it. I love the weathered look – paint layers, natural wood. I also put a light blue glaze over it – just to add another layer.

Here is the before:

And after:

I found this cool stamp on the back of the mirrors. This mirror was made two years after our house was built – super cool!

Sorry these aren’t the prettiest picture. It is really hard to take a picture of a mirror (can you see me in the first picture?) and the mirror is in my basement so there is no natural light!


darling octopus & r•home magazine

December 23, 2011

Go out and get the January issue of R•Home magazine! There you can read my article about shopping for vintage furniture and home decor in RVA. There are lots of useful hints and a resource list of some of my favorite shopping spots.

I thought it might be fun to elaborate on some of my ideas in the magazine. I found this armoire at the Salvation Army on Midlothian Turnpike but you know you see one of these at every thrift store and yard sale you go to. Flat screen TV’s are making them an obsolete piece of furniture but you could always re-purpose them.


Turn it into a cute home office and just close the doors when you’re done working.

photo from

Or check out this adorable kids art center!

image from

I thought this dresser was almost perfect. I love the shape and the color I would just add some new hardware to make it look a little more modern.


My favorite source for cool drawer pulls is Anthropologie. I regularly shop their clearance section – there you will find pulls for as little as $3 each! Below are two picks that I think would look awesome!

photo from anthropologie

photo from anthropologie

I am the queen of the chair re-do. I know I have re-done more chairs than any other piece of furniture. It is hard for me to pass up a chair with good bones because it is usually pretty easy to give it a new look.


Here are some of my past chair projects that might inspire you.

Victorian Chair

Kid Friendly Laminated Cotton Chair

Curvy Chair

Next issue, I will be showing you how to re-do a chair, step by step, with very detailed directions! Yeah R•Home – Yeah DIY!

PS – You can read my first R•Home article, all about shopping for vintage furniture, online now!


Places you should shop – Vintage Jo

September 8, 2011

You probably wouldn’t be able to imagine all the treasures waiting for you looking at the outside of Vintage Jo. This super cute little log cabin houses tons of vintage furniture, vintage signs and advertising, as well as original art work from many local artists (myself included!)

You should go check them out. They are located at 5420 Mechanicsville TPKE, Mechanicsville, VA 23111. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm and Sunday from 12 pm – 5 pm.

You can also find out more about them on their Facebook page.

*All photos were taken by Vintage Jo.


make me pretty – a mini chair for Jasper

August 15, 2011

Jasper has his own mini Formica kitchen table and little chair. I found them at a yard sale and was so excited to update the chair. I had actually bought some other fabric for his chair, but when I had some leftover from this chair, I changed my plan.

Here is Jasper and his table and chair the day I brought it home from the yardsale.




And his adorable mini-chair re-done with the gorgeous Anna Maria Horner laminated cotton.






make me pretty – old school corner shelf

April 20, 2011

I love to barter. I’ll trade you this for that! I always feel like it is such a win – win situation. And that is how I scored this awesome corner shelf. I traded some graphic design work for this beauty, thanks Art!

I had it in my head that this shelf wanted to be blue – kind of a baby blue. Then I distressed it and stained it with an ebony stain to age it. And here is the after:






make me pretty – milk glass lamp goes orange

May 6, 2010

One of my favorite things about summer is neighborhood yard sales. Block after block of treasures to be found. That is were I picked up this cute little lamp.

Well, it has cute potential at least. The shade was looking pretty dated so I decided to cover it in some happy fabric. Then I painted the brown wood base a cheerful peach to match.

This little lamp is looking for the perfect home. Check it out on Etsy.